Ron Burgundy on set

Ron Burgundy Emcee

Russ sings plays guitar

Big Biz Show  hosts on The FOX Business Network.

Russ the actor

The Dos Eques Man 

Ricky Bobby 

Buddy the ELF

LIVE is the best way to see comedian Russ Stolnack. Video, 2nd best. Pick, Click and Enjoy a few laughs.

  Posing as a an industry imposter, Russ sounds like he knows exactly what he's talking about, but of course, has no freekin' idea.

Russ will follow your script and ad lib as needed during corporate events like awards ceremonies and game shows. 

Acting out a testimonial

 Russ is an Emmy winning actor, comedian and impersonator. Nailing the likeness of several Will Ferrell characters most notable "Anchorman Ron Burgundy".  

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