Russ Is FUNNY as ...

Russ T Nailz  

"This comedian does more than tickle the funny bone, He damn near breaks it, spewing out funny bits as fast and furiously as a wood chipper"       A. Bollotta, Bollotta $ Assoc
After years as a morning radio host and TV news reporter Russ juggles on-air hosting for The Big Biz Show and Biz Brew with LIVE Vegas shows, corporate and private event performances. Russ hit the stage during the live comedy club explosion of the 80's, developing comedic timing and classic routines which include song parodies, observational humor and memorable characters.
Also known as Russ T Nailz, a top-notch emcee and stand-up comedian, hosts recognition ceremonies, general sessions, fund raisers ... just about any ole LIVE event.  He is a veteran comedian, Keynote speaker, muscian, Cable "ACE" and Emmy winning actor and writer. Russ has performed for corporate clients, organizations, associations, cruise ships, night clubs, concert venues and hundreds of private events. Russ is Funny.

Contact Russ T Nailz @ 619 306 2997 or

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